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It is important that people lean on their virtual community in order to cope with grief. In India there are healthy chat support which offer good and healthy friendship.

Basic plans for Chat room

  1. Plan ahead: look at the calendar and map out those potentially triggering days like birthdays and anniversaries. Comfort yourself on those days for you. You can ask your loved one to be with you. You need to remember that you have to covey wishes to your friends on special days too.
  2. Share your memories: Talk about the person you lost openly: your friends will understand and help you through it. Sharing beautiful memories can help you yo cope with grief.
  3. Have a hobby: Try to maintain your hobbies And interests. There’s comfort getting back to the activities that bring you joy and help you connect with your self. We do have Talent hunt you can post your Talent there, through that users will come to know your hobbies. Also we do have quiz room if you are top scorer your name will be list down under our chat room wall.
  4. Stay active: Be active in mains chat, if you are active in main chat users will observe your chat you will be influenced, speak and wish every one when you enter in to chat room.
  5. Special Profile: Set your nick with unique and special name, set your profile and cover pages with special pics, using good colors also reflects your personality.
  6. Make your friends comfort: If your friends are in trouble through other users, try to resolve the issues, make them comfortable.
  7. Trust: For all specially virtual life trust is the main challenging part, make your friends and friends chain to be strong, if you are genuine people definitely like you and trust you.
  8. Emotional bonding: Share your happiness and sorrow trust-able person, make you friendship bond stronger and stronger.

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