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Yeah we are suffering from 2019 to till today due covid-19, It has already been 1.6 years since the world was forced to shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. We were advised to wear masks, face shields, and be 6ft socially distant from one another to avoid the spread of the virus.

Even though some people have learned to adapt their day-to-day living with the current pandemic, using options like work from home, online classes, online teaching etc. In this situation Chat rooms are very useful for us to avoid loneliness.

 There are still millions of people who are having a hard time with them and with family Social distancing is still a luxury they cannot afford. With the coronavirus still ongoing, people are more aware that the virus can be more contagious than ever because of the cold weather. We are expected to see an increase in the COVID-19 cases and are advised to practice strict social distancing. Millions of people are still unable to pay for basic necessities including rent, utilities, and food.

Together, WE CAN OVERCOME! Together, WE ARE STRONGER. Big or small, every effort counts and it will all have a great impact on someone’s life. We need to stay strong and work hard to safe our family and our world.

Chat rooms are really help full for who effected with covid-19 and working form home employees, if we have healthy and good chat you will feel relaxed and happy, you will get positive energy to work and stay strong. We do have Telugu Chat Room, Kannada Chat Room, Hindi Chat Room, Tamil Chat Room , English Chat Room , Kerala Chat Room you can register and choose your desired language.

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